Uncharted: The Lost Legacy...Entrance to the Axe Shrine

This gallery is the first of a series that I shall be posting to showcase my work on Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. As a texture and shader artist I worked in partnership Edgar Martinez (modelling and layout) as well as Elaine Kubik (VFX) and Gabe Betancourt (Lighting) in order to complete these environments.

My responsibilities included the creation and adaptation of textures and shaders, vertex blending, additional modelling and set dressing, foliage placement and uv mapping, as well as other general tasks and co-ordination with other departments

This has been my first Naughty Dog title and it has been an incredible experience and as always, it takes a monumental team effort in order to make such amazing games. Without the hard work and dedication of the entire team, across all departments, none of this would be possible.

Edgar Martinez:
Elaine Kubik:
Gabe Betancourt: