Star Citizen...The Starfarer: Cargo Bay control room and connecting corridors

This is the fourth in my Starfarer gallery series. These rooms and corridors make up the areas surrounding the Starfarers enormous cargo bay and so are very much what you might term the 'working areas' of the ship. As with other galleries, I was responsible for all materials and textures (except the 'ribbed' metal on the bulkheads), all modelling, lighting, technical setup, layout design and general look dev etc etc. The areas featured here are the:

Cargo bay control room - a small room overlooking the bay area with a central control console I added with the intention of it being used as a way of managing the storage capacity of the cargo bay.

The connecting corridors - various modular corridor sets as well as staircases that give the player access to all other areas of the ship.

Access to the airlock - The airlock or 'EVA orange' as I termed it, allows the player to access the outer space catwalk areas safely without risk of decompression.