Star Citizen...The Starfarer: Habitation deck connecting hub

These areas were a collaborative effort between myself and the very talented Robin Karlsson, check out more of his excellent work here:

Robin's task involved applying the art direction that I established in the Captains Quarters to this hub area and the adjoining maintenance access room. As with all areas of the ship, I provided detailed concept blockout meshes for each area (bottom of the page). Robin then did a fantastic job fleshing out each area with detailed modelling, material application and creative decal work. I then began my own work, balancing the decal passes, adding the various door meshes and other models I'd created, making design adjustments and re-working the material assignments so that each area was more in-keeping with it's surroundings. I also did the full, final lighting passes using our new physically accurate temperature lighting system for both 'healthy' and damaged ship states across both areas shown here.