Star Citizen...The Starfarer: Interior focus video

I created this video as a small passion project to showcase my work on the Starfarer, a ship that features in Star Citizen.

As Interior level lead, my responsibilities included:
- full design of the ship's interior layout
- Discovery of the visual design and aesthetic appeal of the now popular 'Misc' brand of ship that features throughout Star Citizen
- Creation of around 95% of all textures and shaders seen throughout the interior of the ship
- Creation of all interior areas (with the exception of the bridge) seen in this video
- Final lighting across all interior spaces (with the exception of the bridge)
- Technical setup of portals and vis-areas across 90% of the ship

Huuuuge shout out to Colin Baynard for his great work across the engineering deck, Phil Howlett, Michal Kozlowski and Richard Money for the beautiful exterior of the ship and to Jay Malhotra, Robin Karlsson and Joe Neville for their awesome contributions to other interior areas too! Check them out now!

Starfarer - Interior Focus Video, please watch in HD with high volume for best experience...