Star Citizen...The Starfarer: The Captains private quarters

The first in a series of galleries that highlight my work as the level lead on the Starfarer, a ship that features in the game, Star Citizen.

After my initial blockout design of the interior of the ship, my next task was to establish and concept a distinct visual aesthetic for the interiors of the Musashi Industrial & Starflight Concern (MISC) brand that features prominently in Star Citizen.

The Captains quarters provided a test area for this process and allowed me to iterate upon my early blockout concepts and designs for the architecture of the room. I tried to establish certain visual cues that would be transferable to other areas of the ship, maintaining a consistent shape and design language throughout.

I documented these key design elements and saved certain meshes or features into a separate library for artists that would later join me in the development of the ship, to ensure that the visual direction and production methods remained consistent.