Substance Designer...old granite wall

This is quite an old substance of mine, when I first began making full materials, rather than just little tests here and there...My main influence came from the old granite that my home in Cornwall is mostly made of, I remember heaving these giant rocks around with my Dad when we would build together and they're so full of character that I really fancied giving this substance a try.

Unlike my other substances this one is not entirely 100% procedural, originally it was and using a simple node setup I did get a result that felt 'ok', but as is the case with old Cornish houses, often the stones used were not all cut perfectly and were often of different sizes and shapes. However there is still a very conscious method used when building using granite stone and I felt that the results I achieved using substance for the stone layout were a little too random and didn't adhere to this. Instead, I opted for a simple black and white image input, traced in photoshop over a reference image.