Substance Designer...Wet sand after the tide

Something a little different from the sci-fi work I've been posting lately, I've been keen to sharpen my tools somewhat and so have taken to learning substance designer. I thought I'd start to share some of the older works that I've put together, rather than let them gather dust on my hard drive.

I found the curved forms and structures left in the sand by the tide particularly interesting in the reference image (bottom of the page) and also hoped I would have a chance to recreate a nice wet, material response in this material too. In the past I've worked a lot with a specular and glossiness pbr workflow and so for this material I wanted to get to grips with a roughness and metallic workflow instead to maximise what I could learn with this mini project.

The renders used heightmap displacement via tessellation, and were created with Marmoset Toolbag. I also included some shots from a few different times of day also just for fun. Hope you like it!