Star Citizen...The Starfarer: Docking Collar

This is the final showcase gallery highlighting some of the areas that I put together as level lead on the Starfarer, a ship that features in Star Citizen, please check back through my other galleries to see more work from this project!

The Docking Collar is an area on board the Starfarer that facilitates the connection between two vessels via a connecting conduit that would extend between both ships docking rings/hatches. The room features the previously seen compression units, responsible for pressurising the area during an unexpected breach as well as shower facilities for crew members that may have been exposed to any potential contaminates outside the vessel.

As with my previous galleries, I was responsible for the initial concept, design, modelling, textures, shader setup, technical setup and lighting as well as general maintenance.

Spent about 4 days putting this area together, so quite a quick turn around...