Star Citizen...The Starfarer: Material focus

My final Starfarer gallery showcases just a small selection of the materials that I created for use on the interior of the ship. Each shader is equipped with an optional 'wear and tear' material response - usually some form of dust, scratches or dirt that could be blended either automatically or via vertex alpha blending.

Most shaders were driven by one set of trim details, baked from a high poly source. These trims were carefully planned to be versatile enough to texture most assets with. Supporting blank tiling textures and bespoke decals also helped significantly.

My texture creation process for these included a combination of high poly modelling, quixel suite processing and additional detailing or in the case of the icon decals, vector graphic authoring within photoshop.

As the level lead on the Starfarer I created these materials to fit in with my ideas for the Misc manufacturer aesthetic that would later be adopted by all future Misc ships featured in Star Citizen.

Starfarer - Material focus video (stream at highest quality for best viewing experience)