Star Citizen...The Starfarer: Habitation deck communal area

This is the second in my series of galleries that highlight my work as the level lead on the Starfarer, a ship that features in the game, Star Citizen.

As with all areas on the habitation deck, I tried to push a much brighter, cleaner aesthetic design. The support beams and bulkheads would flow into and wrap around each room and I often designed them with symmetry in mind, particularly when viewed as the player enters a space. Material treatment consisted of stainless steel surfaces and clean, white plastics to help disperse ambient light and support the feeling of a more open space, which would directly contrast the engineering decks below.

This area serves as the communal area for the crew aboard the ship, with direct access to the Captain's private quarters as well as a fully functioning food preparation area, complete with top of the line food replicators this area offers a place for the crew to prepare for a day of heavy hauling aboard the Starfarer.