Star Citizen...The Vanduul Driller: Teaser trailer

I was tasked with re-imagining the visual appearance and direction of the 'Vanduul' alien ships through the creation of a brand new capital ship, the Vanduul Driller.

I have written a little piece about my thought process behind the development of this new visual aesthetic and I hope to be able to post many more images and break downs of the work that myself and my colleague Colin Baynard put in to the ships construction. However for now I can only share this teaser trailer that I created as a way of revealing the ship to the public.

I was responsible for the initial concept and story-boarding of the trailer, all camera work, shot composition, creation of the environments, lighting and atmospheric effects and the editing of a particle template created for me by our talented vfx lead, Mike Snowdon. I was also responsible for editing the final trailer in After Effects.

Audio and sound effects for the trailer were provided by the extremely talented Ross Tregenza and Darren Lambourne.

The Vanduul Driller: Teaser trailer (stream at highest quality for best viewing experience).